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School Trips

We occasionally ask for donations towards our school trips, these can be paid on ParentPay. Without these it wouldn’t be possible to take children out of school. 

Please see some examples of school trips below:

Harrogate Library

All students from Reception to Year 6 visit the library during the school year. We have a fantastic relationship with the library and are keen to ensure every child has the opportunity to visit and borrow books.

Image  Image

The Rainbow Factory - KS1

All the children from Year 1 and Year 2 visit The Rainbow Factory in Leeds and had a wonderful time learning about storytelling and how to use their imaginations to create a fictional story. They participate in several different activities that included role play, solving riddles and art work.

The Evangelical Church - KS1

All the children that went on the trip to The Evangelical Church had wonderful time learning about the Christian faith and its values. They all got to explore the Baptistry as well as learn some facts about the church itself. 

Filey - KS1

The children love the trip to Filey every time ,no matter what the weather is like! They all get to walk the promenade, eat a delicious ice cream, have lunch on the beach, play in the sand and finally take a paddle in the sea all whilst learning about the geographical differences between a coastal town and Harrogate.Image

Stump Cross Caverns and Coldstone Cuts Quarry - Year 3 

The Year 3 children visit the Stumps Cross Caverns and Coldstone Cuts Quarry. Both these destinations are located in Nidderdale and on the border of The Yorkshire Dales National Park, this trip covers several areas of the national curriculum including Science, Geography and History.

The Jorvik Centre Trip - Year 5

The children from Year 5 visit the Jorvik Centre and the DIG in York, this trip enables the children to enhance their learning of the Viking topics they cover in class. At the Jorvik Centre the children look at the Viking life, battle tactics, raids and artefacts. All the children had great fun and learnt some new interesting facts.Image

Young Voices


Waterpark Residential Trip - Year 6

The children from Year 6 visit Lake Coniston at the Waterpark Centre in the Lake District at the beginning of the school year. They got to take part in some new activities that were both exciting, fun and challenging. These included both wet and dry outdoor pursuit activities such as; Canoeing, Kayaking, Wind Surfing, Team Canoeing (on a Viking boat), Sailing, Gill Scrambling, Climbing, Orienteering and High Rope activities.

Partaking in these activities allowed the children to push and challenge themselves to achieve new goals as well as overcoming several fears, it also enabled the children to learn how to work as a team to complete tasks successfully.