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School Council

What do we do?

Our student council have a number of responsibilities...

  • We represent pupils in our school 

  • We help those in need
  • We are passionate about providing our fellow pupils with the best school experience
  • We value one another's opinions 
  • We make school a better place

When do we meet?

We meet weekly on Friday's with a teacher to discuss matters, suggestions and opinions of those within the school. We act upon suggestions by providing solutions and sometimes even meet with other teachers to get the job done! 

How can you give us a suggestion?

There are numerous ways that you can approach your council:

  • You can speak to your class representatives who will take your ideas to the next council meeting
  • Or you can use our anonymous suggestion box outside the hall which is taken to each council meeting weekly. 

What has been on our agenda so far and what have we done? 

  • Increasing the popularity of our school council
    To promote our student council, we created engaging, informative posters which have been displayed all over our school. The posters inform children what we do in our council meetings. 
  • Providing our students with further opportunities to give suggestions
    We know that some children prefer to remain anonymous when giving suggestions. We created and ordered a beautiful suggestion box which our children can contribute ideas to.