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FOSS Members


Hi, I’m Louise Pollard the FOSS Chair. I have a daughter who joined Saltergate from the nursery and is now in the juniors, and I also have a son who is now in Year 8 at Rossett, but attended Saltergate from reception. I wanted to get involved in FOSS because I know what a fantastic community spirit there is, with everyone involved with and connected to the school. Hopefully, we’ll raise lots of money and have a great time in the process!




My name is Claire Scaife. I have a son at Saltergate school who is going into Year 3 in September. I got involved with FOSS to make a difference to the school by helping to organise fun activities for the children to take part in, while raising much-needed funds to make a difference!






I am Anna Waters. I have a daughter at Saltergate about to go into Juniors and love the FOSS spirit of wanting to improve and enhance our children’s learning experience.




My name is Jade Waters. My little sister goes to Saltergate and I remember how much the PTA did at my school and I wanted to help at hers.





Committee Members

My name is Lucie Hart. I am a Teaching Assistant and also a parent here at Saltergate, so I understand the school's passion and commitment to creating the best possible experience for the children. Working alongside parents, as well as being one myself, I know that we all want the best for the children and I really believe we can achieve great things by working together. I am excited to be a part of FOSS and look forward to seeing all the things we can achieve for our wonderful school.




I am Kimberley McNeil. 

I have 3 daughters at Saltergate and I am also a TA at the school. I love how determined FOSS are to raise money to help our children, and I'm proud to be a part of it.




Key Volunteer Members 

My name is Katie Kerr. I have two children who attend Saltergate as I did when I was a child, so the school is a very special place for me. I wanted to get involved in the PTA for a number of reasons, mainly to raise funds for much-needed school resources and equipment. This, in turn, will enhance the children’s overall school experience and education. We as the FOSS’s team would like to create a relaxed and fun committee that anyone can join, doing as much or as little as they can. I myself am a full-time working mum, so I understand the constraints of simply not having enough hours in the day, so any time that can be spared is much appreciated. Anyone is welcome to join or just contribute in any way they feel able, from making suggestions, sharing a skill or even just sharing and attending fundraising events. Every little helps. I feel Saltergate has a strong community. I have seen how passionate the parents and teachers are about our children having the best possible school experience. By working together raising much needed funds, we can all contribute to enhancing the children’s overall time at Saltergate School.

I am Emma Gill. 

I’m a mum to a Year 2 child that has been in our school since nursery. I also attended myself, as a child. Saltergate is a special place!

It’s so important that we create a community around school for everyone to enjoy, and if we can fundraise while having fun, even better! In one year, we’ve proven how impactful a small group can be!