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EYFS Curriculum

In Carle, Cooper and Reception classes, we follow the Early Years Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. This Framework specifies the requirement for learning and development in the Early Years and provides specific areas of learning we must cover in our curriculum.

These areas are:
 • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
 • Physical Development
 • Communication and Language Development
 • Literacy
 • Mathematics 
• Understanding the World
 • Expressive Arts and Design 

At Saltergate Schools our practical, playful approach to learning, based on the needs and interests of our children, is delivered through topic based planning and incorporating the children’s interests. We teach children individually, in small groups and in class groups. Through a combination of teacher input and continuous provision opportunities, learning is planned to encourage children to develop their learning and to be independent through exploration and challenge. A vital aspect in the development of essential knowledge and skills is the use of continuous provision. Through our continuous provision we are able to support children to develop key life skills such as independence, creativity, enquiry and problem-solving. It enables us to enhance our learning environments in order to challenge and extend the children’s learning and interests.

At Saltergate Schools we support and encourage the different ways in which children learn. All the learning experiences we plan for the children allow them to utilise and develop creative and critical thinking skills through active learning. Our enabling environments for learning, both inside and outside, are designed to stimulate and excite the children, and are relevant to the needs, ages and stages of our children. 

At Saltergate Schools we believe that children in the EYFS need to experience a wide variety of first hand, practical learning opportunities to enable them to develop to their full potential. We aim to provide a secure, enjoyable and caring educational environment where each and every child feels valued. We work hard to create continuity between our school based settings and other pre-school experiences, so that children can build on skills already developed. Learning is always planned to maximise the potential of each individual.