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Subject overview

At Saltergate School, we believe that every child is an artist. Our aim is to provide our children with an exciting and engaging curriculum that enables them to develop their creativity, imagination and artistic skills. Using the National Curriculum, we have devised our own progression of skills and knowledge document that enables our children to broaden their artistic familiarity.  Our children are introduced to a range of artists throughout their time at Saltergate, both modern and historical, and are taught the skills to critique and appraise their own work and that of others using artistic terminology. Work is displayed with pride in sketchbooks in KS1 and KS2 and many of our masterpieces are displayed in our school environment to share our creativity proudly with the rest of our school community.


As part of the ‘Expressive Arts and Design’ strand that Early Years start to cover, our children are introduced to a range of media and materials that allow them to explore different ways of making marks and creating models. Children are encouraged to add meaning to their designs and enjoy sharing their creations with those around them. Children are introduced to a wide range of artists and start to develop the ability to discuss the work of others.


In KS1, children begin to develop their knowledge and skills through a variety of subject specific strands. Colour, drawing and form are just a small example of what we offer our children in class to develop their artistic knowledge further. Children continue to enjoy exploring with different media and materials and use these to create imaginative and beautiful pieces of art. A more focused approach to famous artists is taken and children are able to explore a range of historical and modern people who have influenced the artistic world while developing their skills in how to critique and appraise.


Children continue to develop their skills and knowledge as they progress through KS2 and display their work effectively with the use of sketchbooks. Children explore further artists, both modern and historical, to allow them to appraise and critique the range of techniques and pieces from other people. Children enjoy cross curricular activities and are provided with opportunities to develop their artistic skills and the opportunity to design their own masterpieces to be proud of.